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Personalized Patient Care
MD Imaging’s modern, welcoming facility provides a level of skill, comfort and convenience that is unparalleled in the Hudson Valley.  Recognizing  patients often have questions and concerns undergoing radiologic testing, MD Imaging has complied a list Exam Instructions hoping to ease stress of not knowing.

Our Center
Each patient's medical imaging file (regardless of exam type) is created and stored in a digital format, eliminating the need for x-ray film. This insures the immediate availability of your study to our staff radiologists, as well as the option of making your exam available to your referring physician online or on a CD-ROM. We use the latest advances in voice-recognition software, enabling your private physician to review your images and your report immediately following the radiologist's interpretation, thus saving valuable and perhaps critical time for you and your physician.

We invite you to read through these patient guides to prepare for your visit with us.



• CT Scan

• GI Series

• Barium Enema & Virtual Colonoscopy


• PET Scan

Nuclear Medicine
• Thyroid Uptake Scan
• Nuclear Stress Test

• Bone Scan

• Ultrasound

• Mammography

• Bone Densitometry

• Biopsy Preparation

• Galluim Scan

• HIDA Scan

• Meyelogram