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MD Imaging’s  ALLEGRO PET scanner is an advanced, high-performance system that delivers exceptional anatomic detail with the shortest possible imaging time that provides the maximum amount of patient comfort.
PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scan is a powerful diagnostic tool that shows how the cells of the body are functioning. A PET scan detects biochemical changes after a small amount of glucose containing radioactive molecules is injected into the body. These molecules allow the measurement of metabolic activity in the body that the computer records and converts into images for diagnostic purposes.

PET scans are most often used to detect tumors, brain disorders, and heart disease. They can determine whether a tumor is malignant or not, whether cancer has spread or is responding to either radiation or chemo-therapy. PET scans are also used to evaluate the damage from a heart attack and to locate the area in the brain that may be the source of epileptic seizures or Alzheimer's disease. PET is the most sensitive modality for the detection and the evaluation of malignant tumors.

PET scans overlapped onto CT scans (PET/CT fusion) represents an advance in medical imaging which can better detect the spread of a disease as well as determine the effectiveness of a chosen treatment regimen.