MD Imaging provides a variety of cardiac imaging solutions for NY residents. Here are the types of cardiac imaging solutions we offer our patients:

Stress Nuclear Imaging

This nuclear study reflects myocardial flow in coronary arteries. Stress nuclear imaging is the most commonly used, widely available, non-invasive test for directly assessing myocardial perfusion.

CTA Coronary Arteries

Coronary CTA is a non-invasive heart imaging test used to determine whether fatty plaque or calcium deposits have built up in the coronary arteries. This study is also used to determine if there is narrowing of the coronary arteries.

PET Myocardial Viability

PET Myocardial Viability is used to determine whether a portion of the heart muscle is alive. This procedure is regarded as the "gold standard" of imaging in order to determine if cardiac transplantation or revascularization is necessary.

MRI Cardiac Function

Cardiac MRI is a non-invasive procedure that uses powerful magnetic waves and radio frequencies in order to produce highly detailed pictures and movies of the heart without the use of ionizing radiation.


Echocardiography is a non-invasive and highly accurate assessment that uses ultrasound to examine the cardiac valve area and this area's function. In addition to creating 2-D pictures of the cardiovascular system, the echocardiogram produces an accurate assessment of the velocity of blood and of cardiac tissue at any arbitrary point using pulsed or continuous wave Doppler.