All Scans: Nothing to eat or drink 3 hours prior to exam. If you are having a scan with IV contrast, please inform the technologist if you are allergies or asthma. Wear something that is comfortable and easy to remove. For some of the scans you will be asked to change into a gown. Metal objects interfere with the image quality so avoid clothing with zippers or snaps.

CT Abdomen and Pelvis exams: If you are having a scan with oral contrast, you may pick up the contrast the day prior to your appointment or arrive 2 hours before your exam to drink the oral contrast.

Day of Exam
You will be required to remove any jewelry, hair clips, etc, if you are having a head scan.
If I.V. contrast is required, a skilled technologist will start the I.V., usually in the arm or hand, prior to the examination. The technologist will explain the exam procedure to you and give you specific instructions during the scan. The exam can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.