My back doctor HIGHLY recommends MD Imaging. He told me that your radiology reports include more information than other MRI facilities and it is very helpful to him when he trying to assess what exactly is going wrong. He has nothing but good things to say about MD Imaging!!

As a patient, I want to say, I have ALWAYS found the staff to be so helpful and friendly, in addition to the technicians who perform the tests. I want to personally thank Cora and her colleagues. Patients often come in nervous (as I did a few times) and everyone made feel so much better. It was priceless.


My name is Linda and I am a nurse that has been serving the community for years. I work for a local agency and I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to deal with MD Imaging.

In the past, I have tried to schedule appointments with other imaging center in Poughkeepsie only to have the phone calls end in frustration. I was told that they can't schedule an appointment, or I need to complete additional paperwork, or the request for an appointment has to be reviewed.

On the other hand, my experience with MD Imaging has only been positive. Your staff is warm, inviting and professional. It is very easy to schedule an appointment and I only try to use your imaging services.


Yesterday I had an MRI of the knee at your facility. It was such a nice experience. The receptionists were friendly, helpful and efficient. There was no waiting. Tom, the MRI technician, was outstanding. He was intelligent and thorough. He made me feel comfortable. The staff was also thoughtful about my injury.
Now, two of my physicians, a radiologist who referred her practice to you when she retired in Fishkill and Dr. Luks, an orthopedist, have recommended your practice highly. This is so reassuring.
Thank you. There is only one imaging center for me and my family, and I will highly recommend you to others.


Very professional, treat the patient's very nice ,clean place..Xray tech was very ,and respectful.

Cherylann Charlton

Everyone was friendly, helpful and very professional. I highly recommend using this facility.

George Pullis

I found the staff in the Poughkeepsie office friendly, professional & encouraging. All of my questions were answered and they tried to put me at ease every step of the way. I would highly recommend this office.

Sharon Courselle

I made an appointment at MD Imaging in Poughkeepsie for an MRI on my knee. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and filled out the typical paperwork. Shortly thereafter I was escorted back to the staging area for the MRI where I met the technician, who thoroughly explained the procedure and the machine.

I changed into medical scrubs and was provided a keyed locker for my belongings.The MRI went as planned and when it was completed, I got changed and was escorted back to the waiting room to finish up the appointment.

I have had multiple consultations from surgeons on my knee, and each surgeon had given rave reviews to the thoroughness and detail of Dr. Grossman's reading of the MRI, calling him a highly skilled and experienced radiologist. I recommend MD Imaging for your MRI without hesitation.


I had an upper GI series test today and was very nervous about having it done because I have difficulty swallowing.

The technician Jill was wonderful. She was very patient and kind and put me right at ease. The doctor performing the test was also wonderful. The girls at the front desk were very nice. I had a very nice experience due to the professionalism and kindness of everyone at MD Imaging in Poughkeepsie and I highly recommend this facility.


I would like to take this time to personally commend your office on the wonderful staff that you employ.

Arriving for my nuclear stress test, anxious and nervous, I was greeted by Jessica, a smiling, sweet receptionist. My nerves began to dissipate.

After checking in, I was then met by the nuclear technologist, Ben, who explained the procedure step by step. While lying on the table, the machine starting moving closer and closer to my face, my anxiety began to surface again, but Ben was by my side, he continued to speak to me and keep me calm. If it hadn't been for Ben, I probably would have had an anxiety attack and the test would have been postponed.

Following the exam with Ben, I went into the treadmill room, where I was introduced to the nurse, Fran. We entered into conversation and before you knew it, I felt like I had known her some time. This warm and caring environment is very important for people, like me, who become anxious during tests. Over the years I have been to other imaging centers where the staff wasn't so attentive and the procedures weren't explained. Those tests didn't end well.

I would like these employees to be recognized for their excellent patient care.